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Daniel Shen


Growing up, he had a few memorable teaching moments. When he was living in China, in second grade, he was having recess with his entire class. There was a shallow fountain on the school’s property and there was a kid squating right next to it, looking into the water. Without thinking twice, he thought it would be fun to push him into the water, and he chased him for a bit. After that, he got into trouble but later, he took the initiative to make up for it and became best friends with the kid. This taught him that, when one does get into trouble, one should immediately make amends without “official” reprimands.

After entering high school, Daniel has gained interest in debate, as a way for him to continually seek self-improvement. He also volunteered with the varsity sports team. In his spare time, one would find him at the table tennis club, in business club meetings or skiing at a resort. Outside of school, he spreads his wings to engage the real world across multiple areas, including visual arts, performance arts, volunteering for Link Generations and researching in politics and environments. 

Setting foot into his second year of high school, Daniel continued to dabble in debate, business club, table tennis while pursuing his new interests in politics but joining MYIG(Michigan Youth in Government). He created his own Chess Club with one of his good friends. He also attends the weight room at his school on a daily basis to keep up his fitness and become stronger. Outside of school, he continues to engage in visual arts, writing, politics and environments. His RAD Initiative was presented at the UN Global Goals Week and he envisages that, in order to tackle climate change, the world must strengthen global collaboration and collectively promote awareness and act upon global goals.

Daniel’s personal interests in the health of the climate ties with his writing/art specialties into a project, The RAD Initiative, which he founded to design and search for climate change solutions for a better and evolving future.

At high school graduation, Daniel wishes to have continued diversifying his interests across even a broader spectrum of subjects and areas. He aims to set a goal for the future and become proficient in some areas which he wishes to continue in college, and one day create his own program that integrates environmental science, art, politics, and humanities to reduce pollution, arrest climate change and rebuild global co-operation.s to your content, add new fields, create dynamic pages and more.

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