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Joshua Zhuang


Joshua Zhuang is a high school student from Mississauga, Canada. He shares interests like politics and writing with Daniel and also likes traveling and has previously been published in the Toronto Star and CBC Books.

He is a member of his school newspaper, dabbles occasionally in Model UN, and loves the movie “Children of Men.”

In the summer of 2023, Daniel and Joshua coincidentally met at a Georgetown University Summer Academy(U.S. Campaigns and Elections).

After communicating and exchanging each other's hobbies and backstories, they became good friends and spent an entire week together on the Georgetown Campus. From that point on, Daniel knew that Joshua was a good candidate to partner with on his newly developed project RAD Initiative and as he reached out to his friend based in Canada, Joshua readily said yes to the idea. 

Joshua is thrilled to be working with Daniel on this exciting new project and hopes it will raise awareness of the urgency of climate change through the visual and literary arts.

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